Victor Dubuisson & Stephane Damiano

1st coach 1998-2003 & 2011-2012 on the European Tour. 1st Agent.
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Full time academy

Prime International Junior Academy is a full time golf academy with an adapted international school program
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Junior Golf Camps

Prime golf camps are specially designed for children and juniors to improve rapidly their golf game
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Prime Junior Golf Academy is located on the French Riviera and proposes the world top golf training facilities
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Full Time Junior Golf Program

First day of school & golf program for our full time junior golfers. We are really happy to welcome 24 students this year from 11 different countries: the USA, the UK, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, Dubai, Tunisia, Russia, Italy and of course France, New Caledonia & Martinique. Such a great culture sharing and language learning atmosphere. We wish our students great golf this year with some great golf tournament results!

Back to School and Integration Camp

Our junior full time golfers already arrived to the campus this weekend to start their new school and golf year. We are happy to welcome 23 golfers this year from all over the world. As each year we start our full-time golf program with two days of integration camp. Students left on Monday St Cassier lake, where they participate in different sport tests. On Wednesday the school and golf training start.

Junior Golf Camps

Our summer Junior golf camps are over. We were happy to welcome this year children and juniors from China, Holland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Romania, Ireland, Russia and other parts of the world. Children spent a great summer learning golf and practicing their competition skills, learning languages and improving their physical condition, making new friends and having fun. We hope to see you guys during the year or next summer!

Summer Golf Camps!

Kids and juniors are really enjoying our summer golf camps with our certified coaches. You can see more pictures on our Instagram & Facebook accounts. Next week will be the last golf camp from Monday 21st to Friday 25th of August ! Golf expert camp and semi-intensive camp are still available. For more information please contact us.