The Prime Post Graduate full-time program is a golf-only program for junior golfers taking a gap year to improve rapidly their golf game and to prepare for golf tournaments. This program is oriented towards an intensive improvement of scoring abilities. We create a challenging and motivating atmosphere and provide our junior golfers with all necessary tools for a rapid golf progression.

This program is available on monthly or yearly basis and can help junior golfers to accomplish their personal objectives:

  • Increase confidence in your golf game and prepare for golf tournaments
  • Enhanced chances for a better golf scholarship offer
  • Enhance the transition to the golf professional rank
  • Consider a career of a golf coach

Golf Program

  • Full personalized analysis and establishment of personal golf training program (Trackman, SAM PuttLab, Force Plate...)
  • 4-5 h of golf training per day from Monday to Friday
  • 2 played golf courses per week
  • Titleist Performance Institute physical tests to determine your swing-related physical limitation and to establish an improvement plan
  • 4 -5 h of physical training per per week
  • Mental / Strategy coaching with a sport mental coach

Additional Programs Proposed

  • E.S.L Intensive English courses are also available for students who need to prepare their TOEFL exams or just to improve their language skills
  • F.L.E French intensive courses are offered to international student who wish to learn the second language. Most of international students become bilingual within one year at the academy.
  • The standard language program proposes 1h30 min of language (English or French) per day from Monday to Friday. The number of hours can be increased according to student needs.
  • USA College Placement program
  • S.A.T preparation Program

Cost Golf-Only Gap Year Program 2017

Golf Program. Non-Boarding Full Board Accommodation
1-3 months 3300€ */ month 1900€ / month (in a triple room)
4-5 months 3100 €* / month 1700 € / month (in a triple room)
6 months and more 2900 €*/ month From 1300 € to 1600€ / month, depending on the length of stay and room availability (triple or double)

*The price supplement will be added if your stay dates include our campus/school vacation weeks. The price excludes the golf tournament cost. This cost will depend on your golf level and number of tournament you can play. Please contact the academy for more information.